The Red Row Artifice

The Red Row Artifice is one of the gangs of Montmarais who control the district of Soindres. They are a group of artificers that previously kept themselves out of gang culture, but have recently become more territorial. Their gang symbol is a cog.


The Red Row Artifice began as a group of engineers, artificers and technicians that operated out of Red Row, one of the main streets in what was then part of the district of Brumaire. When the industrialisation of the Est districts was underway, the gang was given a name and gained status as a minor guild, and in A580 they claimed the streets in the area around Red Row as their own, and named it Soindres – there was no retailiation from the gang that ruled Brumaire, the Institute of the Smoke Cage, and so the gang enjoyed the luxury of having their own turf. For decades they remained quiet and passive, not trying to seize more turf, or even acting hostile when their own turf was tread upon.


The Red Row Artifice are, first and foremost, artificers, and so the majority of their gang are trained mechanics, engineers and technical virtuosos. The gang identify themselves with badges or insignias in the shape of cogs.


The Red Row Artifice control one district, Soindres, where their principal holding is the Red Row, a street filled with warehouses and workshops. Trespass was usually ignored by the gang until sometime in the past month or two, when they suddenly began punishing trespass with violence or death. The principal holding for the Red Row Artifice is the Red Row, a street within the district, that houses a number of small workshops, engineering studios and the guildhall itself.


The Red Row Artifice were largely ignored by other gangs due to the fact that Soindres is a small district, with very few useful resources. They have no Allegiances, nor are they at War with any gangs, as far as anyone can tell.

The Red Row Artifice

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