The Palace is one of the gangs of Montmarais. Not much is known for sure about them, but they are rumoured to be a kind of mad carnival made up of madmen and criminals.


Unknown. It is unclear as to whether the Palace even really exists, as the only information about it is (often inconsistent) hearsay. It is unknown where the gang’s name came from, either, but many attest to there having been an insane asylum that was known as The Palace, which is supposedly the gang’s base of operations.


Unknown. They are rumoured to take the appearance of a grand circus or carnival, but the gang rarely seem to make themselves known. Some gangs have called into question whether the Palace even exists at all.


The Palace control Solitaire and (ostensibly) Lenoire, although the latter is actively governed by a number of minor street gangs fighting for supremacy in the destitute zone.


No gangs seem to hold Alliances with the Palace, and none are at War with them.


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