The Rook

The Rook is the name of one of the gangs of Montmarais. They are an Adventurer’s Guild that rule the district of Gardien and operate out of L’Édifice du Roc, from which they get their name. They identify themselves with a checkerboard pattern, or with the symbol of a Rook.


The Rook has existed as an Adventurer’s Guild for at least a century, but only became a major gang proper in A600, when Gardien’s previous ruling gang, the Order of Rememberance, were annihilated during the proceedings of the Second Parliament of Hours. As such, the power vacuum led to the Rook claiming control over the district, and the Adventurer’s Guild took on the secondary role as the representatives of Gardien in the gang system of Montmarais.


The Rook largely pursue gang-related matters as secondary to their main role of being an Adventurer’s Guild, although it could be said instead that these roles have been fused into one whole – the gang still operate as a society for those who are seeking and requesting aid in various martial, magical or other miscellaneous work, and it happens to be structured in such a way that adapting to the gang system was easy. Many of its members undertake tasks for the gang itself in the form of missions just like “quests” that adventurers are expected to embark upon, except that the deal with the gang itself. Nonetheless, there are many who seek the aid of the Rook for matters not related to the gang system, which has kept the guild financially healthy for decades.

The guild can be roughly divided into three – the Basventurent (or, colloquially, the “Bas-y”), who are regular members of the guild; the Hautventurent (or “Haut-y”), esteemed members of the guild; and the Hautconseil (or “Conseil”), seven members of the Hautventurent who govern the guild.

The building where the Rook operates from is also where they get their gang symbol – most members wear the rook symbol as a badge or stitched onto their clothing, but some, in a feat of loyalty above-and-beyond that expected of most members, get a tattoo of the rook somewhere on their body.


The Rook currently control Gardien, where their base of operations is L’Édifice du Roc, a colossal tower of unknown origin. Their policy towards trespass is a non-violent reroute, though members of the guild are prepared for skirmishes at any time.


The Rook currently only holds an Alliance with the Hospitalier, although it is not at War with any other gang.

The Rook

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