Soindres is one of the districts of Montmarais. It is located in the eastern part of the city.


Soindres is one of the Est guilds, located in between Gardien to the west, and Marusine/Lower Marcage to the east. It runs along the south side of the Lower Boujere river.


Soindres developed as a residential district to house the families of workers in larger districts like Brumaire and Marusine during the industrial boom on the leadup to A600.


Soindres is a small district primarily made up of residential districts, although there are some businesses operating in the area, including the Red Row Artifice, a coalition of engineers and artificers who run shops and guilds pertaining to mechanic work.


Soindres is ruled by the Red Row Artifice, a small coalition of engineers and artificers. Trespass was usually ignored by the gang until sometime in the past month or two, when they suddenly began punishing trespass with violence or death. The principal holding for the Red Row Artifice is the Red Row, a street within the district, that houses a number of small workshops, engineering studios and the guildhall itself.


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