Montmarais (also spelled Monmareigh) is a city on the island of Lacon (or Diecon), a part of the State Isles, and is the center of the Parliament of Hours roleplay.


“Montmarais” comes from the Capetian “Mont”, which means “hill” or “slope” – in reference to the rising Arceche Gorge and the hills beyond it to the west of the city – and “marais”, meaning “marsh”, which in turn refers to the Fens to the east. The name was most likely chosen as a geographic signpost, as both the slopes of the Arceche and the Fens would be visible from the center of the city near the rivers’ trisection, providing an easy way for travellers to find the city. Another name for the town is “Monmareigh”, a State word derived from the Capetian.


Montmarais is located on the island of Lacon (“Diecon” in Brusich) in the eastern part of the State Isles. The city lies at the southernmost edge of the island, east of the Arceche Gorge and north of the Sudenmer sea. The Eaïs river to the west and the Boujere rivers to the east meet in the center of Montmarais, resulting in the river Mariage.


The city of Montmarais started as a frontier trade town at the convergence of the river Eaïs with the Boujere. The town started in the district now known as Ouestes, slowly expanding out from that central area towards the boundaries that the city now possesses.

Over the centuries since its founding, the city has repeatedly changed ownership from the Capetian and the Brusich empires, resulting in a city with a unique blend of both cultures (although nowadays, the city is most disposed towards Capetian, as a result of being under Capetian occupation for several decades, before the dissolution of that empire).

Districts Montmarais district map named

Montmarais is split into thirty-three districts (although some counts also include the two outlying villages on the Arceche Rise to the west of the city). These districts can be roughly divided up into Ouest (“On the side of Ouestes”, Western), Nord (“On the side of Nordes”, North), and Est (“On the side of Estes”, East), with the southernmost district, Point de Plaisir, considered its own entity. Many of Montmarais citizens derive a fourth class, Étranger (Literally, “The Strangers” “Outside,” or “Elsewhere”) for the districts that occupy the small island in the eastern part of the city between the Nord and Est districts.


Nord is primarily were the residential and business/commercial districts of Montmarais lie, and is also the area where most non-aquatic traffic in and out of the city occurs.


Est is home to most of the industry of Montmarais, although the easternmost districts of the area are in heavy disrepair and are largely unoccupied due to the unstable ground near the Fens, with which some districts there share borders.


Ouest is made up of residential, commercial and some industrial areas, and is also where most sea- and river-trade takes place. The economy here is lower than in Nord.


Étranger is home to “the stranger districts” (in both meanings of the term in Common); these three districts are considered anything from unsightly to downright cursed by many of Montmarais’ citizens.


The Other category includes Point de Plaisir, which is not always considered a district of the city proper, and the two main outlying communities that lie outwith the city.


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