Marusine is one of the districts of Montmarais. It is located in the eastern part of the city.


Marusine is one of the Est districts, east of Brumaire, south of Lower Marcage and north of Tondeuront.


Prior to industrialisation, Marusine was nothing more than a largely barren field between the city of Montmarais proper, and the Fens. However, on the run up to A600, the city expanded, and it quickly became one of the largest and most heavily industrialised areas in the Est districts, and in all of Montmarais—during the industrialisation boom, hundreds of factories, workshops, textile mills, and similar industries sprouted up. However, the district’s proximity to the Fens meant that the ground to the east was inundated with water, resulting in sinkholes and structural collapse in buildings further eastward, resulting in a large amount of the industry in Marusine having to close down due to the danger of the unstable ground.


The fringes of the district – areas close to Brumaire and Tondeuront, for example – tend to have stable ground, and the factories, homes and businesses there remain open, but the further east one travels, the more abandoned buildings one will find.


Marusine is controlled by the Institute of the Smoke Cage, a largely secretive guild. Rumours are abound that trespass can equate to death, but more often than not the trespass is ignored. Their principal holding is unknown.


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