Lenoire is one of the districts of the city of Montmarais, located in the eastern part of the city, although among the citizens of Montmarais, it is considered one of the “√Čtranger” districts.


Lenoire is located on the island in between the Nord and Est districts, also shared by Solitaire and Central Marcage.


Lenoire, along with the other districts on the island, has long been considered anything from “strange” to downright “cursed”. When the city was initially founded, the island was thought to be where the Cien-Tet lived, and largely avoided. As the city expanded and grew out, however, attention was turned to how the island could be used for the benefit of Montmarais as a whole, and over time, residential areas were built there to house the poor, consisting largely of streets upon streets of tenement blocks and substandard housing. Alongside the residential zones, the city also built a handful of prisons and sanitariums, making the area essentially a district of exile for all the unwanted people of the city. Unfortunately for the people sent there, the island was not suited for habitation – the annual flooding from the marsh, coupled with being wedged in between two rivers, meant that the ground of the island was unstable, resulting in vast sinkholes opening up during the Flood Season, and swallowing buildings and streets whole. Nowadays, the area is still occupied by the poor, and quite a number of the people who had been held in prisons and insane asylums dotted throughout the district.


Lenoire is largely made up of substandard residential areas, many of which have been subsumed into the ground. The only people who live here are those who cannot find safe shelter elsewhere in the city.


Technically speaking, the district is ruled by the Palace, but hearsay suggests that only the Lenoire’s criminal street gangs attempt to exercise power in the district—all the minor gangs in the area are attempting to rule the area for themselves, but the balance of power shifts between all of the gangs day after day. As such, there is no principal holding in the area.


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