The Hospitalier are one of the gangs of Montmarais. Unlike other gangs, they do not control any turf, and they also hold Alliances with many other gangs in city to allow them to go unchallenged through various districts in the city to fulfil their goals of providing medical assistance to civilians and combatants involved in gang skirmishes.


The Hospitalier are relative newcomers to the gang system of Montmarais, having only been established in A621 (three years before the game starts). They arose as a response the the increase in violent gang skirmishes in primarily residental districts such as R├ęconfort and La Propriesse as a means to protect the citizens of those districts, but their activities quickly arose to aiding members of various gangs as well. Over the years, many of the gangs have declared Alliances with the Hospitalier in order to allow them to continue their noble work, though some remain suspicious of them.


The Hospitalier’s main goal is to come to the aid of injured combatants, regardless of side, and provide them with medical assistance to tend to their injuries. The Hospitalier always wear equal-armed crosses on various parts of their clothing to indicate their status as members of that gang.


The Hospitalier do not technically own any turf, but frequently operate out of hospitals and surgeries throughout the various districts of the city – because of the many Alliances with other gangs they hold, they are granted free passage through many of the districts at leisure.


Unique among the gangs, the Hospitalier enjoy Alliances with many of the city’s gangs: it is disputed as to what being an ally of the Hospitalier actually indicates, however. Some say that the Hospitalier themselves are completely neutral, and offering an Alliance to them is merely an act of ceremony to indicate that their members will not be attacked if they assist with medical intervention. Others suggest that declaring an Alliance brings benefits to a gang, inasmuch as the Hospitalier will respond faster to a gang that it is allied with than one that it is not. Rumours have surfaced that the Hospitalier take bribes in order to provide better or quicker medical aid; many agents of the Hospitalier have denied this, stating that their policy of accepting donations has been misrepresented. In any case, the Hospitalier claim that any claims of allegiance, per se, are null, as they treat every group in need of aid as neutral benefactors with no firm ties to their own, and use Alliances as a means by which to determine who will and will not attack them during other hostilities.

The Hospitalier have not declared War on any of the other gangs, though they do blacklist particular groups that repeatedly show hostility or opposition to their practises; however, the Hospitalier claim that the blacklist is maintained purely to prevent their members from being attacked and killed, and does not denote any kind of animosity between the groups.


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