Gardien is one of the districts of Montmarais. It is located in east-central part of the city, and is the district where The Rook lies.


Gardien is one of the districts of the “Est”, or the Eastern part of the city, and it lies northwest of the junction of the Eaïs and Boujere rivers, directly north of the district of Estes.


Gardien is one of the oldest districts in the city of Montmarais, given its proximity to the area where Montmarais was founded (the district now known as Ouestes). Many old buildings are found throughout the area, moreso than in the more cosmopolitan central districts, lending an interesting antiquated image to the district—these buildings include L’Eglise de Saint Cuthbert, a well-preserved church that dates from sometime during the century of A100, and L’Édifice du Roc, a tor that is presently occupied by The Rook. Until the industrialisation just before A600, there were very few families actually resident in the area, but during the boom of industry, the residential quarters in the area rapidly expanded to accomodate families that worked in the factories, shipyards and mines.


The district is primarily made up of buildings of historical value, but a great degree of modernisation took place in Gardien during the industrialisation on the runup to A600. As such, there are many factories, shipyards, and even a set of mines inside the district’s boundaries. The area also has a bustling residential district.


Gardien is ruled by The Rook, an adventurer’s guild. The Rook deals with trespassers by asking them to leave the area, but if pressed, are not above the use of violence to get their message across. The principal holding for the gang is L’Édifice du Roc, the colossal tower from which the guild get their name.


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