Debouillis is one of the districts of Montmarais. It is located in the north-central part of the city, and is controlled by Ackroyd and Goodfellow.


Debouillis is one of the Nord districts of the city, located east of Hartellerault and north of Nordes. There is a bridge connected Debouillis to Gardien to the east.


Debouillis has long been an important trade and business sector of Montmarais. While not directly connected with the main trade route along the Eaïs, Debouillis was the first point of contact in early Montmarais for trade coming from the north-east, or using the Boujere as a trade route, and so quite often trading posts were established in what soon came to be known as Debouillis. Ever since, Debouillis has been known as a center for commerce, and before long, various companies fought to hold the district as their own turf, with Ackroyd & Goodfellow rising to the top.


Debouillis is a commerce district that consists mainly of businesses and organisations, as well as containing many of the city’s municipal and council buildings. Upmarket residences do exist in the district, but generally they are geared towards young professionals and similar.


The district is controlled by Ackroyd and Goodfellow, a commercial conctractor organisation that operate rather like a cross between a law firm, a mercenary organisation, and an adventurer’s guild. Their policy on trespass is to escort violators to the edge of the district. Their principal holding in the district is the Ackroyd & Goodfellow building, a multi-story office block on the riverfront.


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