Central Marcage

The Central Marcage is one of the districts of Montmarais, located in the north-eastern part of the city, and presently occupied by the Cien-Tet.


The Upper Marcage lies in the north-eastern part of the city, east of Solitaire, and in the centre of the Upper Marcage and Lower Marcage, hence its name. The district’s boundaries also includes a part of The Fens, similarly to its sister-districts.


The Central Marcage was not a discrete district until after the fall of the eastern portion of the city wall, seperating Montmarais from the Fens, in A602, when the Cien-Tet overran the area and claimed it as their own. Prior to this, the area was considered to be part of Solitaire. Nowadays, the district is defined using one simple heuristic – whether or not the buildings in the district are inhabitable. Due in part to annual flooding and its proximity to the Fens, the ground of the Central Marcage is largely unstable, which can result in spontaneous earth sinkage, formerly solid ground becoming pliable due to excess moisture, and so on.


The Central Marcage is made up primarily of large, empty fields, although a number of now-derelict buildings dot the landscape—during the industrialisation boom on the run-up to A600, efforts were made to utilise the as-yet uninhabited parts of the island where the Central Marcage, Solitaire and Lenoire stood for something more useful. Thus, there are watermills, prisons and jails, slum tenements and a few shipyards scattered throughout the area. However, none of these places are occupied by anyone save the district’s gang, the Cien-Tet, and the buildings are in very poor repair, crumbling and splitting apart quickly due to the unstable ground; it is not unheard of for streets in the Marcages to suddenly sink into a muddy quagmire overnight.


The Central Marcage, like its sister districts, is part of the turf for the Cien-Tet. Trespass from other gangs or organisations from other districts are not permitted; the Cien-Tet only very rarely allow people to access the Fens via the Marcages. The principal holding for the gang in the Central Marcage is the Cien-Tet Warhouse, located in an old prison near the edge of the Fens.

Central Marcage

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