Carcassone is one of the districts of Montmarais. It is located in the southern part of the city, and is controlled by The Earl’s Company


Carcasonne lies in the eastern part of the city, at the southernmost point below SalpĂȘtraille and Tondeuront, and to the east of La Chatte, seperated from that district from the Mariage. The district also borders the Fens to the east, which is accessible from there.


Carcassone began in much the same way that Montmarais itself did, as a frontier settlement; the village was founded in order to provide a place for foreigners to find shelter until moving further inland to Montmarais proper. Montmarais eventually engulfed the developing town during its expansion, and the district – keeping the name of the village before it – continues its purpose in being the “foreign quarter” of the city.


Carcassone consists primarily of residences for tradesfolk and foreigners coming into the city, and businesses that cater towards travel via the Sudenmer, or upriver, as well as the aforementioned immigrants. There are a number of functional docks here, as well as access to the Fens.


The district is ruled by The Earl’s Company, a group described either as merchants and traders, or as pirates. The Earl’s Company’s policy towards trespass is immediate violence – they do not tolerate outsiders. Their main holding in the district is the Candor Wharf, a towering building built on the docks closest to the Fens.


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