Ackroyd and Goodfellow

Ackroyd & Goodfellow is the name of one of the gangs of Montmarais. They are an organisation that incorporates mercenary business contractors and negotiators, and they control the district of Debouillis, although their influence is said to spread much further. They are identified by a gold scroll-shaped tie-pin, and generally wear business attire.


Ackroyd & Goodfellow have existed in name if not in nature for as long as anyone in Montmarais can remember, although many gangs are unaware of how far back their history actually extends. What is known is that, while they have not always controlled the turf they now possess, they have had dealings with other gangs and businesses decades – and possibly even centuries – before now.


Ackroyd & Goodfellow operate out of the Ackroyd and Goodfellow Office Building, a large multi-storey building on the riverfront of Debouillis. Their organisation is one built on the idea of negotiation and contracts, and as such could be described as a mercenary cartel. However, their “prim-and-proper” aesthetic detracts from this idea, lending them a unique business-like image.

By and large, Ackroyd & Goodfellow do not often engage in battle or border skirmishes, and as such, it is difficult to gauge their actual martial ability. However, given their ability to adequately defend their turf seemingly without the necessity for battle – and perhaps to some extent relying on their reputation for being ruthless and cunning when it comes to eliminating their opponents – it is a mystery as to how well they fight.


Ackroyd & Goodfellow control the district of Debouillis, and operate out of the Ackroyd & Goodfellow Office Building therein. Trespass is responded to by armed guards escorting offenders from the district, or else, transport being arranged to remove the offenders as quickly as possible.


Ackroyd & Goodfellow are said to hold many Alliances, although it is difficult to gauge exactly who they are allied with, and precisely what is meant by an “Alliance”, given the company’s disposition towards tailoring contracts to suit their own needs. They are not at War with any gangs.

Ackroyd and Goodfellow

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