The Parliament of Hours roleplay is a Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition roleplaying game, being played on the virtual-tabletop gaming site, RPGTonight. The game is set in Aschevon, an original setting, and focusing on the events inside the city of Montmarais, which is run by numerous “ gangs” – one of which is The Rook, an adventurer’s guild that the player characters are a part of. The game follows the characters as they undertake quests, engage in missions, and navigate the intricacies of Montmarais’ gang-system through martial and social means in order to achieve their varied personal goals, as well as fulfilling the goals of the Rook.

  • News: Updates on the details of the game, next session’s times, and so on.
  • Charter: In-game updates of the current game, including arbitrary datarotica.
  • Character Twitter Accounts

The Parliament of Hours

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